Cor Counseling and Wellness Spokane

We are a group of mental health and wellness professionals serving the Spokane area.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable place to talk about the challenges you are facing while offering evidence-based treatments to guide the healing process.


(n.) /’kor/: 1. Heart; Latin root for courage. “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.”


Children navigate many trying obstacles in life, we offer evidence-based therapies to help empower them to move through struggles as they grow.


Being a young adult is rife with struggle and transition. We have a team of therapists of various specialties to help adolescents navigate life with acceptance, courage, and authenticity.


As we age, our perspective of life evolves. We have therapists that specialize in supporting you as you tackle life’s challenges.

Why the tree rings?

Our brand is a cross section of a tree trunk. The imperfections and ring thickness variances intentionally show the strong and weak years of a life story; some rings are cracked and broken but strong rings appear surrounding those, which hold it all together as it continues to grow. We view our counseling relationships as a chance to examine what’s at the core of life through courageous conversation.

  1. Sonia Combs
  2. Amy Corman
    MS, LMHC
  3. Dianna Gulick
  4. Christopher Dennis
  5. Melissa Bennett-Heinz
    MSW, LICSW, Gestalt Psychotherapist
  6. Erin Kent
    MS, LMHC
  7. Kylie Chaffin
    MA, LMHC
  8. Jennifer Burrows
    Bio Feedback Specialist

Online Counseling Services Available

Private, remote counseling services available through our Telehealth program. Removing distance barriers so you can always make your counseling appointments.

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